Real Estate Investors are NOT out to STEAL your Property

Real Estate Investors are NOT out to STEAL your property out from under you!

Real Estate Investor

This is a huge misconception that I have run into many times and me, as an investor, must fight on a routine basis. The truth is that as a real estate investor, I work diligently to find properties and create an investment margin on those properties. My goal is to create an offer to the Seller that provides benefit to them and preserves an investment margin for my business. If I made a “low ball” offer on every single property, my deal flow would slow to a trickle. A Buyer decides to buy when there is some perceived benefit. Likewise, a Seller decides to sell when there is some perceived benefit. My job, as a real estate investor, is to know my “numbers” well enough to provide a benefit to both sides.

Real Estate investors, as mentioned in my previous blogs, are needed because they have the capability of getting you out of a bad situation or at least a less favorable one.

An Investor out of Arlington, Texas recently wrote:
“Distressed properties need a cash buyer who can invest the funds to make the repairs and return the property to retail condition. Those cash buyers do NOT buy via real estate agents because real estate brokers don’t have the distressed properties for sale in the MLS because these properties are being found, “brokered”, purchased, and rehabbed completely outside of the world the RE agents/brokers live in.”  Why is this in quote marks when none of the others are?

That puts us in a quality position of having the upper hand in these types of situations. We are rescuers, not crooks! We deliver people out of bad situations with at the least the luxury of not owing any money on the house. Coming out with money is great and we try to provide that opportunity, but coming out debt-free is a huge plus for any Seller. We are here to help you and make bad situations become good.

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