What does selling “As Is” really mean?

It means the buyer must purchase the property without a seller’s disclosure and without any expectations that the seller is going to rectify any problems or make any improvements to the property. Very importantly, it also means the buyer has zero recourse if they find a significant problem with the property after they have assumed ownership.

Sell your home fast with Fidelis

Selling a property “As Is” offers a huge benefit to the seller and makes sense when the property is in a distressed condition, the seller is in a distressed situation, or the seller is selling a property they have limited knowledge of.

At Fidelis Properties, we purchase properties in “As Is” condition. Let us assume the risk and make you a fair offer on your property. We are here to help you if you’re stuck in bad situations or in a time crunch to get relief quickly and sell your home fast.

What is great about dealing with investors and selling in an “As is” condition is that we make the process easy, especially if you need to sell your home fast. We are easy to find, readily available, and we can help you get through the process quickly with no strings attached. You literally can walk away from your home and move on with life.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say your home has bad plumbing and the roof needs repaired or replaced. We can make an offer on it, without you making any repairs or putting out any money. You can simply walk away. You may or may not make money off the property but you won’t lose any. Your loan on that home will be paid off, we will fix the issues and you don’t ever have to look back to that bad situation. Does that clear things up for you? I sure hope so because we know you need to sell your home fast and we want to be the ones to help!

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